بوئین زهرا دهکده کیوکوشین (استاد یوسف شیرزاد)

Bouin-Zahra County

Bouin-Zahra County

Bouin-Zahra County (Persian: شهرستان بوئین‌زهرا) is a county in Qazvin Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Bouin-Zahra.

In popular culture

Jalal Al-e-Ahmad's monograph: "Tat people of Block-e-Zahra" provides detailed description of the region.

The Bouin-Zahra is famous for pistachio, there is lots of pistachio garden in this area. The main street in capital(Buin-Zahra) is Vali Asr St.

Azad University of Bouin-Zahra is also located in this city about 10 minutes from City Center.

One of the tourist attraction in this area is "Mehregan Town" which is located in north of Bouin-Zahra, 14 minutes from Bouin-Zahra Square.