بوئین زهرا دهکده کیوکوشین (استاد یوسف شیرزاد)

bzkyokushin=bouin zahra county

bzkyokushin=bouin zahra county

Karate is a self-defense athletic activity (sport) to increase physical  and mental abilities. The Kyokushin style is one of the most powerful styles which millions of athletes do it all around the world.

The chief of this style is Sir Kancho Shouki Matsoui. He is one of the genius athletes in Kyokushin. There are also many athletes who do this style in Iran. The Kyokushin style was first brought to Iran by Mr. Yousef Shirzad. Nowadays Shihan Massoud Homayoon Pour is the representative of this powerful style in Iran.
I (Javad Salehi, the resident of Iran – Buin Zahra) am one of the more than tens of thousands of followers (athletes) of Kyokushin Karate in Iran and also one of the tens of millions from all over the world.                                       

   To increase the level of general knowledge of athletes of Karate and also to familiarize them with this style, I decided to establish the website www.bzkyokushin.com. You can come to this website to find any information about this style and the movements such as; hand and foot movements (defense and shot), information about the history of Karate and Kyokushin, world and Iran champions’ galleries, medical issues, Referees’ tasks ,…

I hope that this website could be useful to the followers of Kyokushin Karate. Each day a large number of people visit this site that is honorable to me.

To locate any information in this site, you can mail it to bzKyokushin@yahoo.com.

I would be thankful to those who helped me to establish this universal website, especially my brother Meysam Salehi.

Sincerely Yours

Javad Salehi